Oh, my god, ouija boards…

Have you heard about Ouija Boards?

Its is a board game that the ‘ouija’ word is from Egypt language means ‘luckiness’. This game helps us communicate with spirits around us. Here is the picture of Ouija Board:Image

I’ve played it once and I regret it.

How to play:

  1. You can use lid or light coins or any small circular things
  2. Then you start saying the spell ‘ouiji, ouiji, ouiji’ then spin the lid 3 times clockwise
  3. Then you ask ‘is there any spirit that wants to talk to us?’ then if there is a spirit it will move
  4. The player must be two or more

Do not ever to try to play this game. It won’t make you stop playing this. If the spirit told you few information they will not stop you communicating with them, if you force to stop playing this they will curse you. So if you already played it you have to try to stop yourself playing it and start praying and forget all about Ouija.


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